Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010

Time flies and again we're here at the end of 2010.
Let me just list down a few important moments for the year 2010 before going on.

January - Awesome birthday celebration which will never be forgotten.

March - Started preparing hard for A2 finals. Lotsa princess memories with my three girls in TCSH.

April - Started this blog, MissyXS was born.

May - A2.

June - Graduated from Taylor's Sri Hartamas. Clean and Clear Best Friend Model Competition with Princess Lienn. Awesome singapore shopping trip.

August - Straight A's for A-levels. Got rejected by Singapore University. Asia Pacific Dance Explosion.

September - Vee Vian left us and went to the land of Curry. Broke up and shocked the whole world. Received Australian Universities' offers.

November - Becky's virgin dance party.

December - Taiwan.

I think that's about it.
On another note, me, Jessica and Lienn went for our last dinner for 2010 yesterday at DePastryChef. Did not take many pictures tho. These are what we've got.

Funny picture I totally look like a mouse.

And yeah, that's all for my new year's eve post.

I shall move on and welcome 2011 and have a brand new life in Aussieeeland!! New life, new stage, new friends, new everything. 2011 will be a whole new year for me me me me me.

GOODBYE 2010, HELLO 2011

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wulai Hot Springs, Taiwan.

This will be the last post for my Taiwan trip. Wulai is a small town located at the south of Taipei, a place with natural hot springs where you can enjoy and relax yourself. There are public outdoor hot springs as well as private hot springs in the resorts there at Wulai.

The little Wulai town, weather is a bit cooler here compared to Taipei city.

This is why MissyXS never wanted to go to the public one although she has to pay for the private one.

The one we went for. Feel like soaking in the warm warm water right now.

Clear, odourless hot water from the hot springs. Didnt manage to take photos of the indoor hot springs cause we were not allowed to.

The hot spring resort.

Went to the Wulai old street to have some snacks after the relaxing session.

And we found Wildboar sausages which are very very delicious. Dont think you can find them here in Malaysia.

Wulai river.

Took the tiny tourist tram up to see the waterfall.

And up at the waterfall area, there's this restaurant which serves quite good food. Plus you can enjoy the beautiful waterfall scenery while eating. It is even better to go there in January because there will be cherry blossoms all along the street beside the waterfall. Romantic.

Bamboo rice, like the lemang here. You get to knock it open yourself.

That's the end for Wulai.

The next day is just a shopping day so not many pictures. Got to eat Cheesebaked NiuRouFan before heading to Hong Kong tho.


The end. Will definitely visit Taiwan again for more more more SHOPPING.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 6, Taipei Flora Expo.

Nice, colourful landscapes. But kinda boring after awhile. Heh. The most interesting part of the Flora Expo is the different landscapes featuring different countries. Well for this post, let the pictures do the talking.

Beautiful right? Originally a soccer stadium.

Award winning floral decorations/set ups, inside the stadium.

Golden wabbits.

And that's it for the Taipei International Flora Exposition.

Went to have dinner at WuFenPu after the expo. This is the awesomest dinner for the entire trip.

Tofutofu DOINKS.

Whoever who knows me well will know that eggs are my favourite.

The name of the shop, Formosa Chang. Yellow signboard. Best 'luroufan' in Taiwan I guess.

After eating, off we went for shopping at the WuFenPu fashion shopping district. Clothes there are sold at very reasonable price but then quality not that good so we did not buy much tho.

ANDDDDD that's the end of my day 6 in Taiwan. Next post, Wulai Hot Springs. - Meet Millions of Bloggers