Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tea cakes and teddy bears plus puppies

I've always watched how the American small girls enjoyed their small lil tea parties.
Sadly, I never had one before.My early childhood years (0-6years old) went by really fast that i'm just left with bits and pieces of the childhood memories now.

I remember i used to watch Mr Bean with my couzie every week even though some of them are repeated episodes. And now my sis says i look like Mr Bean. =.=

So to beautify our lives, we decided to have a small afternoon tea and scones session, and to be small princesses all over again.
To add more kiddo feel to the tea session, we invited our teddy bears and my soft toy puppy. Hehe. Will introduce them in the pictures below.

Well, *thinking* The grown-ups also have their elegant tea parties with silver 3-tiered servers, roses in various shades of pink, pink ribbons, and a vintage-y table cloth.We shall leave the elegant tea parties for get-togethers after we start working next time.

Back to our childish tea session.
Unfortunately we don't have pink partay dresses and fake plastic tiaras to wear during our tea party. BOO.We bought the scones from Berry's cake house, heated it up and spreaded stwabewy jam on it. We wanted to add fresh cream on it but then something went wrong during the whipping process so the cream did not turn out to be stiff. Watery eew.

We needed a break from exam stress that we're currently having. Heh.

Our lil friends. From left: Love teddy, England teddy, Winnie the Pooh and baby.

Yummay egg mayo on biscuit. We were supposed to make egg mayo sandwiches but I found out that there was no bread left in my house so we used the biscuits as a replacement. It tasted as good.

Some add-ons. From the market.

High class english tea is a must.

Pretending as usual.

Caption-less. Showing off my Perlini's Silver.

Ms Lienn in the house yo, eating egg mayo ,yo.

Ignore the chinese new year fish at the back. Spoiled the whole english feel.
I'm Pooh. I want honey, sweet sweet honey. oooo. I see stwabewy jam. Lame-o.

Ahhh, eveything was so fun and nice but at the back of our mind are all chemistry and maths. Integration by parts or integration by substitution? Nano-particles. grr.
I know we needa work hard to achieve what we want. so,back to reality, a nanosphere is a sphere with diameter in order of nanometres. sobbbb.

P/s:Planning to have a fairy tale dress-up tea party after A2. This time not only the 3 of us. Princess Joanne, Jessica, and prince Dixon, Shawn. And and picnic too!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Love Story

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.

For those of you out there who are not Lienn's regular readers, or are not active on facebook might not know about our awesome photoshoot session for the Love World, Love Sloggi competition.

Hence, click here to read the post. We're so cool. Tsk tsk. All photos are taken using Lienn's Sony Cybershot T-900, not a dslr.

p/s: Not much to blog about lately because finals are coming soon. Boohooooo.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Watched another 10-star movie today with Lienn.

Clash of the Titans. Yes I know we're considered quite late.

Like most of the people who have already watched the movie, I rate this movie 10/10.
Really nice. Storyline almost perfect (because i didnt like one tiny part of the way they portrayed Zeus), animation, editting and everything else was nice.

Like this like this. In the cinema.

Forever 21-ed after movie.
As usual, try no buy. Hehe. And since Forever 21 doesn't allow us to share fitting rooms, so we came up with this. Hahahaaha.

Lienn chose this for me. I don't really fancy floral outfits though.


Line dance aunties' favourite.

I know Lienn is sexy and I'm not. So it's sexy vs innocent. *shows puppy dog face*

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oreo Cheesecake. Mini.

Leanne made this. She wanted it to look cute so she made the thing in muffin cups instead of making it as a wholecake.

Just to add some colours into my bloggie.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Date with Mr. Tall Dark Handsome.

Movie day with Lionel, after his finals' last paper. Waited for soooo long for him to finish his exams and go play with me cause when i finished trials, he has to start studying so we can't go out. Boohoo.


I kinda like Alexis Dziena maybe because she's small like me. Haha. Sooo small. I'm not that small.

She looks a weeee bit like Miley Cyrus duncha think so? Like her hair colour in this photo.

the tagline of the movie. All is fair in love and Rome.

Oh oh! And not to forget the funniest part, Agree with Lienn and Vian. The Fisher-price car. LOL. Erm if you do not know what is Fisher-price, it's a brand for high class toys, for kids. They sell small small houses for kids to play masak-masak inside. Haha. And lil car car too.

After the awesome 10-stars movie, went to Mcd cause I was craving for Mcd fries, yes, specifically Mcd.

Spot the difference similarities in the picture.


Hahha. I know it's lame but then it's farney k. This is what we do when we're together. Awesome-ly lame stuff. Love is in the air.
Lienn's buttons hair band. And that's my purple jacket. The colours blended in so well. Suhhweet. Took this photo in college.

P/s: I'm angry with Toh Lien Siaw.

Equals dot equals

Messed up my blog template, had to re-do it so there's a weeee bit of difference from the one you see before this. I'm lazy to edit until it becomes exactly the same. Will make a new one when I have time. Tired tired.

Next up, date with Mr. Tall dark Handsome. Stay tuned.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Pink Queen

Back to college, Dr Hillary and Ms Suriender's notes will fill all TCSH's 0901BS4 students' lives once again. No more outings but lotsa stuff to look forward to. 

One of the biggest event coming up in July will by the Red Pink Queen's partay. Can't wait for it. And also Graduation Ball, 60 more days to go. Waiting for Lienn to have her financial breakthrough so that I can have mine. *Transferring data via telepathy* AGAIN. Hmmmmmmmm well I think that's all for today.  This is for you, Lienn.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Full House with Abu Nene and Girlfriend

Full house is a lifestyle store and cafe, the deco there just makes you feel right at home. They claimed to be the coolest place to hang-out in town. So awesome people like us planned a post-birthday party for Mr Ken a.k.a Abu Nene a.k.a Kendullah a.k.a Kapal Sink a.k.a Manggali boy there. And he brought his lovely girlfriend, Penny. Too bad the others can't join in the fun being nerds and taking lots and lotsa photos there I think we kinda annoyed the sales girl at the clothing and accessories department (small department). LOL.

But anyway who cares cause we're cool right? As usual we chitty chatty and laugh out loud while eating and because the table was big so we're sitting at quite a distance from Abu Nene, we needa shout across the table when we talk. I think we're the noisiest group there as usual. Our gang is famous for this. And now it reminds me of the days when we used to eat Dixon's otak-otak fried rice in class and our names got 'carved' on the Buku Laporan. They're just jealous. Nevermind. Let's get back to the topic. We enjoyed ourselves there, so Abu Nene said the next time he treat us another meal, we will have it there again since we 'prefer' that place.

Mr Ken, actually we 'prefer' lotsa places. Jessica - Tony Romas, Lienn - Bubba Gump Shrimp, Me - San Francisco, The Ship, Victoria Station, Others- Ah yat bao yu. Hahahahahaha. I'm repeating myself. Yummay! K, now enjoy the       ‹‹ Full house with Ken›› photo album. Sit back and relax. *soothing music playing in the background*

The super 'kawaii' menu. HAHAHAHA. I'm not lala.

Peace out yo.

Lienn: "I wanna go, but I needa fetch Mabel and ah Boy. Cause Mummy say they already stupid enough sumore wanna skip tuition. Haihhhhhh. And I no money dyyyy. I have only 30 bucks left in my purse now. Sobbb."

Sexy models promoting Full house's lil car car.

Tony's meal. Oven roasted something chicken with mashed potatoes, forest mushroom soup with almond flakes and ice lemon tea with cute twisted straw.

Dessert that came together with the meal.

After eating, posing time.

Top poser's of the day. Kinda miss those days in high school when 3 of us skipped classes for Cheer.

Shawn and jess.

Shawn you should put this as your facebook profile picture.

Jess: "This is my dream man. AWWWWWW."
Dixon: " Check out my new bow tie and my new specs. Haven take out the price tag yet."

Superstar posers. *bling bling bling, drum rolls* New member: Lienn - Another top poser of the day.

Me and Lienn: " Let's get ready for school."
Jess is the popular girl in school who mix with nerds.

Lienn: "Jesslynn, I gap liu. *Forced to smile*" (caption only)

Posing with superstar of the day.


Sweet couple plus sweet students.
Pictures with © sign credited to Lienn.

p/s: I have a plan in mind too. *wink* Transferring data to Lienn via telepathy |||||||||||||||||||||       | 95% done.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chinatown babeh.

Chinatown is the name that Malaysia gave to CHEE CHEONG GAI. LOL. After about 30minutes drive, we arrived at Petaling Street. The street where you can see lotsa ma lat lou (useless bachelors) lingering around and some immigrants selling stuff, ready to cut throat whenever they see any human with blonde hair. tsk tsk. Ya. So me, mummy, Lienn and Vian went there today because mummy wanted to buy some stuff. Then Lienn and Vian wanted to tag along cause they Jakun didnt go to Petaling Street before. HAHAHA. Once we stepped onto the main street of Chee Cheong Gai, we start hearing eew-y 'sucking sound'(I dunno what you call that kinda sound) right from the beginning of the street until the end of the street. Besides, they keep calling us 'xiao mei mei' (small girl) like gam yu lou (old man who like to bluff small girls). And we ignored them all along the street cause we're high class. hohohohoho. Very eew ok. Ergh. Nevermind because some other things or actually one thing enlightened my entire day. I finally bought a purple sweater. I'm so happy! And it's CHEAP. Like 28bucks? I'm so cool. Tsk tsk.

Tourists from Hong Kong. I really think we look hongkie-ish in this picture.

At least one self shot (coupled-self shot here) is a must for any trips or tours.

Peace out yo.

OOOOOO. My purple sweater. I'm so proud of myself cause I bought it at such a low price. Heh. Enlarge the picture some more. Haha.

Peace out yo! I miss watching Chuck.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dont know what to put for the title. Have been thinking of chopping my fringe few weeks back before the trials and at last I went for it just now. I dont know what I look like la. Haihh. See for yourself. This two pictures are taken using my webcam that's why it doesn't look pro. Get ready.

Obviously, covering my dai gao min.

Ok, now get ready for dai gao min picture.

Lienn, I have to enlarge my pupils.

p/s: I dunno why mr ken like to call himself neh-neh names. Examples: Maggali boy, Abu nene. See you on friday, Kentarou.

When do you know you are a woman, and not a girl anymore?
-When you are a girl, you dress up for guys.
-When you are a woman, you dress up for other women. (for the envious glances of other women on you.)

True not, women? Tsk tsk.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I think I'll not upload the remaining pictures yesterday. You can just go to Lienn's blog to check them out. Went for drinks testing at Oasis today for the upcoming Metro Carnival on the 1st of May. I'll be selling drinks. Not much to blog about today. Just wanna take this chance to promote abit for my church's carnival. As an introduction, my church is the church that was torched few months back -Metro Tabernacle A/G. Ya, so now we've moved into our nice new building, and we're having this carnival to raise funds for the church. Come and join in the fun!

There'll be lotsa games but I think this will be quite fun for kids. It's called the Gladiators. Spot Jessica. *Hint: A girl holding white tambourine skirt. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Lol. I think you were looking for your parents, Jess. Tsk tsk.

K la, I'm going for dinner now. Stay tune for further updates. Next week. Oh ya, Rumah Ledang will win again this year!! (my secondary school's having their annual sport's day tomorrow) I'll always support the GREEN house. I heart the environment so I love green oh yeah. Lame I know. All the best, Green peeps. I dunno why they wanna change the sport's houses name this year la so checkai ok. Ledang, Santubong, Tahan, Kinabalu. Equals dot equals. GRR.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Jessavelle Reunion.

Fyi, Jessavelle represents me, Jessica, Lienn and Vian.
Sa- Clarissa
V- Vian
Elle- Lienn
We came out with this name when we were still so childish during our high school days cause we have nothing better to do in class back then. Jessica left the 'crew/group' after graduating from high school and went to MCKL so now finally, we had our reunion lunch at Ikea. Heart the meatballs there, and love the yummy sauce. After eating we went for window shopping, except for Jessica cause the three of us seriously need a financial breakthrough now. Hmmm.

Yummy meatballs.

Not as yummy as meatballs chicken wings.

Jessica: " I want fish and chips one lo." Too bad, jess. And and Jessie. LMAO. Ok. I know what's Jessica gonna say. L-A-M-E.

Jessica once more: " Eh, got people got people. Yeer, not nice. Duwanna put lahh." Tsk tsk tsk. She was applying her eyeliner in one of the display bathroom in Ikea. And at first we wanted to go to Sasa or some make up shop so that Jess can apply her liquid eyeliner using the tester there. But we forgotten about it. Grr. HAHAHA. Farneyy.

Ok. Here are some shots we took in their showrooms. Promoting for Ikea. *raises eyebrow, one side* 
-Mr Ken's Trademark-

Promoting wine glasses.

Lienn: "I'm drunk. *Faints*"

Great pretender shot 1

Great pretender shot 2

Smile to the camera while putting the hand on the mouse shot.
I'm out of caption ideas.

I my mummy and daddy.

To be continued. Waiting for Lienn for photos. - Meet Millions of Bloggers