Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chinatown babeh.

Chinatown is the name that Malaysia gave to CHEE CHEONG GAI. LOL. After about 30minutes drive, we arrived at Petaling Street. The street where you can see lotsa ma lat lou (useless bachelors) lingering around and some immigrants selling stuff, ready to cut throat whenever they see any human with blonde hair. tsk tsk. Ya. So me, mummy, Lienn and Vian went there today because mummy wanted to buy some stuff. Then Lienn and Vian wanted to tag along cause they Jakun didnt go to Petaling Street before. HAHAHA. Once we stepped onto the main street of Chee Cheong Gai, we start hearing eew-y 'sucking sound'(I dunno what you call that kinda sound) right from the beginning of the street until the end of the street. Besides, they keep calling us 'xiao mei mei' (small girl) like gam yu lou (old man who like to bluff small girls). And we ignored them all along the street cause we're high class. hohohohoho. Very eew ok. Ergh. Nevermind because some other things or actually one thing enlightened my entire day. I finally bought a purple sweater. I'm so happy! And it's CHEAP. Like 28bucks? I'm so cool. Tsk tsk.

Tourists from Hong Kong. I really think we look hongkie-ish in this picture.

At least one self shot (coupled-self shot here) is a must for any trips or tours.

Peace out yo.

OOOOOO. My purple sweater. I'm so proud of myself cause I bought it at such a low price. Heh. Enlarge the picture some more. Haha.

Peace out yo! I miss watching Chuck.


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