Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Date with Mr. Tall Dark Handsome.

Movie day with Lionel, after his finals' last paper. Waited for soooo long for him to finish his exams and go play with me cause when i finished trials, he has to start studying so we can't go out. Boohoo.


I kinda like Alexis Dziena maybe because she's small like me. Haha. Sooo small. I'm not that small.

She looks a weeee bit like Miley Cyrus duncha think so? Like her hair colour in this photo.

the tagline of the movie. All is fair in love and Rome.

Oh oh! And not to forget the funniest part, Agree with Lienn and Vian. The Fisher-price car. LOL. Erm if you do not know what is Fisher-price, it's a brand for high class toys, for kids. They sell small small houses for kids to play masak-masak inside. Haha. And lil car car too.

After the awesome 10-stars movie, went to Mcd cause I was craving for Mcd fries, yes, specifically Mcd.

Spot the difference similarities in the picture.


Hahha. I know it's lame but then it's farney k. This is what we do when we're together. Awesome-ly lame stuff. Love is in the air.
Lienn's buttons hair band. And that's my purple jacket. The colours blended in so well. Suhhweet. Took this photo in college.

P/s: I'm angry with Toh Lien Siaw.


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