Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dont know what to put for the title. Have been thinking of chopping my fringe few weeks back before the trials and at last I went for it just now. I dont know what I look like la. Haihh. See for yourself. This two pictures are taken using my webcam that's why it doesn't look pro. Get ready.

Obviously, covering my dai gao min.

Ok, now get ready for dai gao min picture.

Lienn, I have to enlarge my pupils.

p/s: I dunno why mr ken like to call himself neh-neh names. Examples: Maggali boy, Abu nene. See you on friday, Kentarou.

When do you know you are a woman, and not a girl anymore?
-When you are a girl, you dress up for guys.
-When you are a woman, you dress up for other women. (for the envious glances of other women on you.)

True not, women? Tsk tsk.


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