Saturday, April 17, 2010

Full House with Abu Nene and Girlfriend

Full house is a lifestyle store and cafe, the deco there just makes you feel right at home. They claimed to be the coolest place to hang-out in town. So awesome people like us planned a post-birthday party for Mr Ken a.k.a Abu Nene a.k.a Kendullah a.k.a Kapal Sink a.k.a Manggali boy there. And he brought his lovely girlfriend, Penny. Too bad the others can't join in the fun being nerds and taking lots and lotsa photos there I think we kinda annoyed the sales girl at the clothing and accessories department (small department). LOL.

But anyway who cares cause we're cool right? As usual we chitty chatty and laugh out loud while eating and because the table was big so we're sitting at quite a distance from Abu Nene, we needa shout across the table when we talk. I think we're the noisiest group there as usual. Our gang is famous for this. And now it reminds me of the days when we used to eat Dixon's otak-otak fried rice in class and our names got 'carved' on the Buku Laporan. They're just jealous. Nevermind. Let's get back to the topic. We enjoyed ourselves there, so Abu Nene said the next time he treat us another meal, we will have it there again since we 'prefer' that place.

Mr Ken, actually we 'prefer' lotsa places. Jessica - Tony Romas, Lienn - Bubba Gump Shrimp, Me - San Francisco, The Ship, Victoria Station, Others- Ah yat bao yu. Hahahahahaha. I'm repeating myself. Yummay! K, now enjoy the       ‹‹ Full house with Ken›› photo album. Sit back and relax. *soothing music playing in the background*

The super 'kawaii' menu. HAHAHAHA. I'm not lala.

Peace out yo.

Lienn: "I wanna go, but I needa fetch Mabel and ah Boy. Cause Mummy say they already stupid enough sumore wanna skip tuition. Haihhhhhh. And I no money dyyyy. I have only 30 bucks left in my purse now. Sobbb."

Sexy models promoting Full house's lil car car.

Tony's meal. Oven roasted something chicken with mashed potatoes, forest mushroom soup with almond flakes and ice lemon tea with cute twisted straw.

Dessert that came together with the meal.

After eating, posing time.

Top poser's of the day. Kinda miss those days in high school when 3 of us skipped classes for Cheer.

Shawn and jess.

Shawn you should put this as your facebook profile picture.

Jess: "This is my dream man. AWWWWWW."
Dixon: " Check out my new bow tie and my new specs. Haven take out the price tag yet."

Superstar posers. *bling bling bling, drum rolls* New member: Lienn - Another top poser of the day.

Me and Lienn: " Let's get ready for school."
Jess is the popular girl in school who mix with nerds.

Lienn: "Jesslynn, I gap liu. *Forced to smile*" (caption only)

Posing with superstar of the day.


Sweet couple plus sweet students.
Pictures with © sign credited to Lienn.

p/s: I have a plan in mind too. *wink* Transferring data to Lienn via telepathy |||||||||||||||||||||       | 95% done.


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