Thursday, April 8, 2010

I ♥ Bouldering.

Hey, went for climbing with Lionel and it was fun plus tiring. I'm so gonna go back and climb again. Lienn, go with me the next time. It's fun. And there were 3 ang-mos there just now so you should have followed me.

Look at my tall, dark, handsome him. Hehe.

Dinner at a Nyonya restaurant at Kota Damansara. Food there is really mamma mia.

Feel the Nyonya-ish ambience?

The cool thing is that they have magazines for reading while waiting for the food.


Did not take the photo of the nangka sago as dessert but it was nice. Sorry I have to end this post abruptly because I'm so tired now. K bye.


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