Saturday, April 10, 2010

I think I'll not upload the remaining pictures yesterday. You can just go to Lienn's blog to check them out. Went for drinks testing at Oasis today for the upcoming Metro Carnival on the 1st of May. I'll be selling drinks. Not much to blog about today. Just wanna take this chance to promote abit for my church's carnival. As an introduction, my church is the church that was torched few months back -Metro Tabernacle A/G. Ya, so now we've moved into our nice new building, and we're having this carnival to raise funds for the church. Come and join in the fun!

There'll be lotsa games but I think this will be quite fun for kids. It's called the Gladiators. Spot Jessica. *Hint: A girl holding white tambourine skirt. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Lol. I think you were looking for your parents, Jess. Tsk tsk.

K la, I'm going for dinner now. Stay tune for further updates. Next week. Oh ya, Rumah Ledang will win again this year!! (my secondary school's having their annual sport's day tomorrow) I'll always support the GREEN house. I heart the environment so I love green oh yeah. Lame I know. All the best, Green peeps. I dunno why they wanna change the sport's houses name this year la so checkai ok. Ledang, Santubong, Tahan, Kinabalu. Equals dot equals. GRR.


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