Friday, April 9, 2010

Jessavelle Reunion.

Fyi, Jessavelle represents me, Jessica, Lienn and Vian.
Sa- Clarissa
V- Vian
Elle- Lienn
We came out with this name when we were still so childish during our high school days cause we have nothing better to do in class back then. Jessica left the 'crew/group' after graduating from high school and went to MCKL so now finally, we had our reunion lunch at Ikea. Heart the meatballs there, and love the yummy sauce. After eating we went for window shopping, except for Jessica cause the three of us seriously need a financial breakthrough now. Hmmm.

Yummy meatballs.

Not as yummy as meatballs chicken wings.

Jessica: " I want fish and chips one lo." Too bad, jess. And and Jessie. LMAO. Ok. I know what's Jessica gonna say. L-A-M-E.

Jessica once more: " Eh, got people got people. Yeer, not nice. Duwanna put lahh." Tsk tsk tsk. She was applying her eyeliner in one of the display bathroom in Ikea. And at first we wanted to go to Sasa or some make up shop so that Jess can apply her liquid eyeliner using the tester there. But we forgotten about it. Grr. HAHAHA. Farneyy.

Ok. Here are some shots we took in their showrooms. Promoting for Ikea. *raises eyebrow, one side* 
-Mr Ken's Trademark-

Promoting wine glasses.

Lienn: "I'm drunk. *Faints*"

Great pretender shot 1

Great pretender shot 2

Smile to the camera while putting the hand on the mouse shot.
I'm out of caption ideas.

I my mummy and daddy.

To be continued. Waiting for Lienn for photos.


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