Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Determination still here.

Planned to go for jogging at Desa Park City -yes, I'm a healthy lil girl- but because Ms Lienn woke up late, Vian (candle princess) did not want to go anymore so we went to Mcd for breakfast instead. Lienn got scolded by her. tsk tsk.

And yes I grabbed this round edged picture from you, Lienn. Lienn loves to round-edge her pictures.

So after the chitty chatty at Mcd, went to 1u with ma momma just to waste time after studying for the killer trials.

Had some dessert at Chocolate Lounge.

Momma's Chocolate Frappe thing

Little Jane for little me, k la, I'm not that little. It's actually baby cino.
Thick hot chocolate, not that nice for me as I'm not a sweet-tooth person.

Ok. Ignore my dai gao min. Look at the tiny glass of Little Jane =)

Chocolate with lotsa cream pancake.

Going for jogging tomorrow morning and mad monkeys with Lionel in the afternoon. 

p/s: Peace out. Haha. I dunno why this phrase got into me recently. Oh ya, from Chuck. lol


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