Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tea cakes and teddy bears plus puppies

I've always watched how the American small girls enjoyed their small lil tea parties.
Sadly, I never had one before.My early childhood years (0-6years old) went by really fast that i'm just left with bits and pieces of the childhood memories now.

I remember i used to watch Mr Bean with my couzie every week even though some of them are repeated episodes. And now my sis says i look like Mr Bean. =.=

So to beautify our lives, we decided to have a small afternoon tea and scones session, and to be small princesses all over again.
To add more kiddo feel to the tea session, we invited our teddy bears and my soft toy puppy. Hehe. Will introduce them in the pictures below.

Well, *thinking* The grown-ups also have their elegant tea parties with silver 3-tiered servers, roses in various shades of pink, pink ribbons, and a vintage-y table cloth.We shall leave the elegant tea parties for get-togethers after we start working next time.

Back to our childish tea session.
Unfortunately we don't have pink partay dresses and fake plastic tiaras to wear during our tea party. BOO.We bought the scones from Berry's cake house, heated it up and spreaded stwabewy jam on it. We wanted to add fresh cream on it but then something went wrong during the whipping process so the cream did not turn out to be stiff. Watery eew.

We needed a break from exam stress that we're currently having. Heh.

Our lil friends. From left: Love teddy, England teddy, Winnie the Pooh and baby.

Yummay egg mayo on biscuit. We were supposed to make egg mayo sandwiches but I found out that there was no bread left in my house so we used the biscuits as a replacement. It tasted as good.

Some add-ons. From the market.

High class english tea is a must.

Pretending as usual.

Caption-less. Showing off my Perlini's Silver.

Ms Lienn in the house yo, eating egg mayo ,yo.

Ignore the chinese new year fish at the back. Spoiled the whole english feel.
I'm Pooh. I want honey, sweet sweet honey. oooo. I see stwabewy jam. Lame-o.

Ahhh, eveything was so fun and nice but at the back of our mind are all chemistry and maths. Integration by parts or integration by substitution? Nano-particles. grr.
I know we needa work hard to achieve what we want. so,back to reality, a nanosphere is a sphere with diameter in order of nanometres. sobbbb.

P/s:Planning to have a fairy tale dress-up tea party after A2. This time not only the 3 of us. Princess Joanne, Jessica, and prince Dixon, Shawn. And and picnic too!


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