Saturday, April 24, 2010

Watched another 10-star movie today with Lienn.

Clash of the Titans. Yes I know we're considered quite late.

Like most of the people who have already watched the movie, I rate this movie 10/10.
Really nice. Storyline almost perfect (because i didnt like one tiny part of the way they portrayed Zeus), animation, editting and everything else was nice.

Like this like this. In the cinema.

Forever 21-ed after movie.
As usual, try no buy. Hehe. And since Forever 21 doesn't allow us to share fitting rooms, so we came up with this. Hahahaaha.

Lienn chose this for me. I don't really fancy floral outfits though.


Line dance aunties' favourite.

I know Lienn is sexy and I'm not. So it's sexy vs innocent. *shows puppy dog face*


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