Sunday, May 30, 2010

Making music with the heavens.

Hey, just back from Church Dedication service. It was super duper awesome. The opening ceremony was tremendously nice. Fascinating. Heh. Love the 'Shrek-ish castle' flag/banner. Performances were amazing. But sadly, I did not bring my D90 to capture the beautiful moments. And worst of all, I realised that my digital camera was in my bag only towards the end of the service. So only managed to capture Pastor Dominic from Trinity, Singapore speaking on stage. At least I manage to capture the beautiful stage lightings that were sooo cool. Purple-ish pink plus blue. Wow, everything was just so fantastic with God's presence in His house.

The closest I can zoom using my digital camera. Cause I was sitting quite far behind.
Love the lightings.


Band on duty for the day.

Cake cutting ceremony. The cake was humongous and weighs 180kg , this is the best view I can get. And the cake is a miniature version of our church building. So cool.

I really really regret not bringing my D90. Haihh. Those performances were so nice. :( Especially the opening part. But then still thank God I realised my digital camera was in my bag last minute. Hah.

Friday, May 28, 2010

My Milk Toof

Was blog hopping and found this really cute thing in Yvonne's blog. It's soo cute. Or maybe I'm the only one who's late to find out about this.

Click HERE for extra-cuteness. Enjoy! Cute stories made up using these cute lil thingy-s. :) This really brightened up my day.


Finished Maths paper 3 today. Felt relieved that the paper was much easier than Mechanics. But than no mood to enjoy Cordon Bleu with Vian and Lien at Secret Recipe. Hah. Nothing much to write also. Will try to update if there's any events coming up. Please continue voting! :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Nothing much happened this few days. Just got the soft copy of the family portrait that was taken last month. Leanne claims that she looks ugly in both the pictures hence I needa cover her face. Spoil the pictures only. There's only two of them.

Will update as soon as possible.
  I think I should re-make my blog template so that I can put extra large pictures.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Burnt face, claws, the nightmare. *Screams*

Went for A Nightmare On Elm Street with Lionel, Lienn and Vian. Kept covering my face throughout the movie but come to think about it now, it isn't THAT scary after all. Don't really have the mood to walk around after the movie, so came back right after.

I dunno why Lionel look so grey here. :(

He's always like that. :)

Taken by Lienn. Actually i took 2 pictures only, others taken by Lienn cause she's not in a good mood. So let her use my d90 to make her happy.

Sweet potatoes. Hate.

Happy ricebox. Shilin's XXL chicken. Yummay.

The two pictures above taken by me.

Oh and this too.

HAHA. Buhbye!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sorry, have note been updating again. Busy busy with exams. Can't wait for the last paper to come.

My dream came true finally, after waiting for soooo long. Expected it to come true maybe in October November-ish but it came so fast. Tsk tsk. Nikon D90 yoooo. I cannot post up those pictures taken, all because of my genius sister who deleted all the photos. Grr. So people, please wait till maybbbee Wednesday la k. After I finish my Mechanics paper.

That's all for today, toodles!

Oh and PLEASE vote for us. The clean and clear contest. Pretty pretty please, with chocolate and syrup, marshmallow pudding and honey goo goo stuff on the top. Oh yeah, please vote please vote EVERYDAY. Don't be lazy just click click click or you can BOOKMARK the page for easier access lol. Thank you soooo much. We really need your help. Just help us get into the Top 15, that will do. Thanks!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A lil stone removed

Hey ya, I'm back, with my lappie. Hehe. My lappie is like brand new now ooh la la. Sat for Bio paper 5 today, so one of the burden is removed, 5 more papers to go. So now can relax for awhile first since there's a few days break before the next paper.

Planned to go for photoshoot in Desa Park City for The Nightmare on Elm Street photography contest but because Lienn took too long to shop in Ikano and the curve, so had to cancel the plan as my momma love me too much to allow me to go to Desa Park so late at night.

Anyway, enjoyed our time at Ikano and the Curve, wanted to go Tesco at first. But whatever I wanna continue my story. So yeah, enjoyed shopping with Lienn. This is, I suppose the second date we have together, just the both of us. Vian wanted to watch Thomas Cup so she did not join us. :( I know everybody was so excited about the Thomas Cup. But despite the support of all these Malaysian peeps, Malaysia still lost. Sigh, *tears*

Oh and we went to Ikea for meatballs, AGAIN. HOORAYY. Yummay, love it. Ok, you must be asking me not to talk so much and let you see the pictures. Here you go.

Yay meatballs!! I hope it rains meatballs. With Ikea's special brown sauce. Yes Lienn? Haha. I know you're nodding right now High5!

Not nice egg tart. Still love Eric Tsang's.

Ikano Brand's Outlet. Our favourite must do activity when shopping. Camwhore in fitting room without buying anything. HEh.

Ikano Popular Bookstore. Choosing a good book to give to Nicole for her birthday.

Oops, zoomed. It says Skinny Chicks Don't Eat Salads. I hate salads. Especially those with raw raw green leafy vege. But I heart Potato Salad. So I'm a slim chick yo. Lol.

Yes, pretending. :)

A good christian book about boy girl relationships.

Next stop, the Curve. The Curve's night lightings are always that pretty.

Those plastic bags are not mine. Make me look like ah sam just came back from market.

The one supposed to be ah sam. See, I became her kakak.

A huge crowd watching Thomas Cup outside Laundry.

In TGI's too. 

I love the lights.

Equals dot equals.

For more pictures, visit  Lienn's blog.

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Please vote!! Here's the link. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Exam fever

Sorry for not updating, this will just be a very short post because my lappie is hospitalised.
I don't have the mood to blog on other computers or laptops. I want my lappie back.
Will get it back on friday so stay tuned.

Can't wait for exam to be over.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mummy's Day.

Mothers are the greatest people in the world. This was what Pastor Ong said this morning and I totally agree with him. I truly thank God for putting me in this family and letting my mummy be my mummy. I don't think I would want other woman out there to be my mum.

I thank my mum for making me who I am now, by setting strict rules, pressuring me in my studies, rotan-ing, scolding me etc etc when I was young. I know she did all that out of pure pure love.

If it wasn't for what she had done last time, I wouldnt grow up to be such an awesome young girl. Ahem. heh
Like what Ms suriender once told us, we wouldnt know how much our mother sacrificed for us until the day we give birth to our own child. Well then I'll wait for that day to come. Lol. But right now, I know to a certain extent of how much my mum has done for me in this 19years of my life. And I wanna thank her for everything that she has done for me.

I'm gonna stop writing these lovey dovey stuff because it's so not me. But because today is mummy's day, so i should do something la right.

Went for dinner to celebrate this day at Tony Romas, Pavillion.
Woops, this is before Pavillion, went to Picollo Hotel. Wanted to have dinner at L Opera at first. Spotted this grand piano, one of my dreams. Thank God for asking Daddy to let me learn piano, right up to Grade 8.  So I have the privilege to run my fingers across the keys of a grand piano creating wonderful melody. I must have a grand piano in the living hall of my future house, a drum set, and a few guitars. A baby grand at least if I can't afford a grand piano.

Tony Romas.

While waiting for food.

Star of the day.

This reminds me of Jessica. Lol.

Onion rings.

No, not oyster nor mussels. Potatos. With cheese and bacon.

Sesame sweet chicken. 

Salsa dip.

I dunno what's this. But the drinks that my sisters and mum ordered looked the same so I just snapped one of it. 

Grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, fries.

Bii, this is nice. It's erm, ribs. Beef.

Fish and chips. Classic.

Ma daddy.


Momma again.

Tam Jia Po.

"Hohohoho. Oishi-des."

Cheers. I'm sick. Hence the warm water. But anyway I usually order warm water when I go out and eat.

Mum and Dad.

Spot Pinocchio's nose.

The end. Thank God for mothers. - Meet Millions of Bloggers