Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Burnt face, claws, the nightmare. *Screams*

Went for A Nightmare On Elm Street with Lionel, Lienn and Vian. Kept covering my face throughout the movie but come to think about it now, it isn't THAT scary after all. Don't really have the mood to walk around after the movie, so came back right after.

I dunno why Lionel look so grey here. :(

He's always like that. :)

Taken by Lienn. Actually i took 2 pictures only, others taken by Lienn cause she's not in a good mood. So let her use my d90 to make her happy.

Sweet potatoes. Hate.

Happy ricebox. Shilin's XXL chicken. Yummay.

The two pictures above taken by me.

Oh and this too.

HAHA. Buhbye!


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