Saturday, May 8, 2010

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

Finally, after a long day I get to sit down and blog.  Phew. Today is the last day of pre-university, and the last day in Taylor's. *Tears* All the days that I've spent in Taylor's were really awesome, lecturers were nice and dedicated, students were cool. Hehe. The time to say goodbye is here again and camwhoring pictures are here again too. Tsk tsk. Ok, let's start!

Went to Nagomi to have our lunch. Self-timer-ed shot.



Claire and Adibah joined us too. Yay.

Funny faces. HEEEEE. Look at Adibah. LMAO.

A toast to the awesome us.

Bottom, from left: Lienn, Vian, Yours Truly.
Above, from left: Jin Yin, Dhivya, Adibah, Joanne.

My mouth is not long enough. Boohoo.

After lunch, went back to class and started taking photos again. With Ms Suriender, our lovely mentor. Applaussseee.

Pageants of BS4 0901.
FYI, there is only a thorn among the roses in my class.
And unfortunately he did not come today.

Funky pose.

Look at the pretty ladies man.

Ma lovely lecturer.

 With 'heavy bro'

Sweet Jin Yin.

The famous four.

Pretty princess in the house yo.

Soon-to-be models for Clean and Clear. 

Ms Logesh, our Maths teacher. This is supposed to be a funky shot. That explains my retarded smile.

We spotted this car on our way home. Gonna miss BS4.

I'm not feeling as emo as everyone else maybe because I'm feeling the exam fever more. Cheer up, people. It's not that we're gonna be apart from each other forever and ever. We'll still meet up once in a while. Smileeee. Smile like Adibah.

K, done my job for today. Nights.


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