Saturday, May 15, 2010

A lil stone removed

Hey ya, I'm back, with my lappie. Hehe. My lappie is like brand new now ooh la la. Sat for Bio paper 5 today, so one of the burden is removed, 5 more papers to go. So now can relax for awhile first since there's a few days break before the next paper.

Planned to go for photoshoot in Desa Park City for The Nightmare on Elm Street photography contest but because Lienn took too long to shop in Ikano and the curve, so had to cancel the plan as my momma love me too much to allow me to go to Desa Park so late at night.

Anyway, enjoyed our time at Ikano and the Curve, wanted to go Tesco at first. But whatever I wanna continue my story. So yeah, enjoyed shopping with Lienn. This is, I suppose the second date we have together, just the both of us. Vian wanted to watch Thomas Cup so she did not join us. :( I know everybody was so excited about the Thomas Cup. But despite the support of all these Malaysian peeps, Malaysia still lost. Sigh, *tears*

Oh and we went to Ikea for meatballs, AGAIN. HOORAYY. Yummay, love it. Ok, you must be asking me not to talk so much and let you see the pictures. Here you go.

Yay meatballs!! I hope it rains meatballs. With Ikea's special brown sauce. Yes Lienn? Haha. I know you're nodding right now High5!

Not nice egg tart. Still love Eric Tsang's.

Ikano Brand's Outlet. Our favourite must do activity when shopping. Camwhore in fitting room without buying anything. HEh.

Ikano Popular Bookstore. Choosing a good book to give to Nicole for her birthday.

Oops, zoomed. It says Skinny Chicks Don't Eat Salads. I hate salads. Especially those with raw raw green leafy vege. But I heart Potato Salad. So I'm a slim chick yo. Lol.

Yes, pretending. :)

A good christian book about boy girl relationships.

Next stop, the Curve. The Curve's night lightings are always that pretty.

Those plastic bags are not mine. Make me look like ah sam just came back from market.

The one supposed to be ah sam. See, I became her kakak.

A huge crowd watching Thomas Cup outside Laundry.

In TGI's too. 

I love the lights.

Equals dot equals.

For more pictures, visit  Lienn's blog.

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