Sunday, May 30, 2010

Making music with the heavens.

Hey, just back from Church Dedication service. It was super duper awesome. The opening ceremony was tremendously nice. Fascinating. Heh. Love the 'Shrek-ish castle' flag/banner. Performances were amazing. But sadly, I did not bring my D90 to capture the beautiful moments. And worst of all, I realised that my digital camera was in my bag only towards the end of the service. So only managed to capture Pastor Dominic from Trinity, Singapore speaking on stage. At least I manage to capture the beautiful stage lightings that were sooo cool. Purple-ish pink plus blue. Wow, everything was just so fantastic with God's presence in His house.

The closest I can zoom using my digital camera. Cause I was sitting quite far behind.
Love the lightings.


Band on duty for the day.

Cake cutting ceremony. The cake was humongous and weighs 180kg , this is the best view I can get. And the cake is a miniature version of our church building. So cool.

I really really regret not bringing my D90. Haihh. Those performances were so nice. :( Especially the opening part. But then still thank God I realised my digital camera was in my bag last minute. Hah.


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