Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mummy's Day.

Mothers are the greatest people in the world. This was what Pastor Ong said this morning and I totally agree with him. I truly thank God for putting me in this family and letting my mummy be my mummy. I don't think I would want other woman out there to be my mum.

I thank my mum for making me who I am now, by setting strict rules, pressuring me in my studies, rotan-ing, scolding me etc etc when I was young. I know she did all that out of pure pure love.

If it wasn't for what she had done last time, I wouldnt grow up to be such an awesome young girl. Ahem. heh
Like what Ms suriender once told us, we wouldnt know how much our mother sacrificed for us until the day we give birth to our own child. Well then I'll wait for that day to come. Lol. But right now, I know to a certain extent of how much my mum has done for me in this 19years of my life. And I wanna thank her for everything that she has done for me.

I'm gonna stop writing these lovey dovey stuff because it's so not me. But because today is mummy's day, so i should do something la right.

Went for dinner to celebrate this day at Tony Romas, Pavillion.
Woops, this is before Pavillion, went to Picollo Hotel. Wanted to have dinner at L Opera at first. Spotted this grand piano, one of my dreams. Thank God for asking Daddy to let me learn piano, right up to Grade 8.  So I have the privilege to run my fingers across the keys of a grand piano creating wonderful melody. I must have a grand piano in the living hall of my future house, a drum set, and a few guitars. A baby grand at least if I can't afford a grand piano.

Tony Romas.

While waiting for food.

Star of the day.

This reminds me of Jessica. Lol.

Onion rings.

No, not oyster nor mussels. Potatos. With cheese and bacon.

Sesame sweet chicken. 

Salsa dip.

I dunno what's this. But the drinks that my sisters and mum ordered looked the same so I just snapped one of it. 

Grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, fries.

Bii, this is nice. It's erm, ribs. Beef.

Fish and chips. Classic.

Ma daddy.


Momma again.

Tam Jia Po.

"Hohohoho. Oishi-des."

Cheers. I'm sick. Hence the warm water. But anyway I usually order warm water when I go out and eat.

Mum and Dad.

Spot Pinocchio's nose.

The end. Thank God for mothers.


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