Friday, May 7, 2010

Rainbow life with rounded face.

Today is a very very pleasant day. Finally I see rainbow colours after the dull days before this, all because of A2. Pfft.

Woke up early early in the morning to go for a photoshoot session at Desa Park City again.
It's our favourite photography location for now, unless we can find an 'awesomer' place than Desa Park. It's like the best place for outdoor photography.

Oh oh we did not just went and take pictures for fun but it's because we wanna win the 5000sgd in the Clean and Clear BFF contest. I repeat, 5000SGD. *Gasps* Will be competing with 7 other countries, so people, do vote for us on facebook k.

A gazillion thanks to Vian, our photographer of the day. Ok, *drum rolls*

Good morning peeps

I hear your heart saying " Omgeeee, Sooo cute!" Heh.

This is when we were having a break from taking photos. So nice of the poodle's owner to let us take pictures of his baby.

Still in dreamland, while enjoying the refreshing morning breeze.

Ah I dunno what caption to put for this.

My eyes were really tired already. This was taken when we were resting.

Green green grass but big big face. Failed.

This is the photo used for the contest. My eyes cannot open but this is one of the best shots.

 Ma partner. :)

And of course, with the photographer of the day. I know I look funny but 'whatever'. Transferring data through telepathy to Lienn again. Tsk tsk.

Charlie's Angels

During break time in college, went to The Haute Food Co. to have our lunch. This week will be the last week of college, so we decided spend more than our usual daily budget for lunch. :(

But anyway, the food there was marvellous and totally worthed every penny. And the owner of the shop is sweet and kind enough to let us take pictures around her small cosy cafe.

They serve really healthy meals there, and also nice cakes and pastries. Heard one of the customer ordering tiramisu with alcohol, must be yummay but I dont have monnay. Boohoo.

Joanne ordered an 'interesting' drink, this was what the lovely mum of the shop owner said when she introduced the drink to Joanne. Lol.

And the best part of the shop is the cozy english environment in there. Ooo love it. Time for the pictures to talk again.

The cozy cozy cafe. Nice right?

Pretty laday in nice cozy cafe. Hehe.

Mine. Chicken Mayo plus basil. RM11.50

Lienn's Club Sandwich. Super nice nice nice! Very nice. It has bacon, ham, egg and sauteed onions in it. RM 15.90 

Vian's. Smoked salmon sandwich. RM 13.50

Joanne's. Grilled chicken salad. RM 15.90

They serve the sandwiches on chopping boards. So cool. Haha. Maybe I'm jakun but it's the first time I see people serving food on chopping boards ok.

Some other things they sell there.

IC photo blue background.

Back in college, camwhoring session in our usual hangout place - the library. I think Taylor's has the coolest library among all other colleges. Or maybe cooler than the National Library.


Ok, I shall wrap-up this post now. So long farewell. FINALLY.


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