Monday, May 17, 2010

Sorry, have note been updating again. Busy busy with exams. Can't wait for the last paper to come.

My dream came true finally, after waiting for soooo long. Expected it to come true maybe in October November-ish but it came so fast. Tsk tsk. Nikon D90 yoooo. I cannot post up those pictures taken, all because of my genius sister who deleted all the photos. Grr. So people, please wait till maybbbee Wednesday la k. After I finish my Mechanics paper.

That's all for today, toodles!

Oh and PLEASE vote for us. The clean and clear contest. Pretty pretty please, with chocolate and syrup, marshmallow pudding and honey goo goo stuff on the top. Oh yeah, please vote please vote EVERYDAY. Don't be lazy just click click click or you can BOOKMARK the page for easier access lol. Thank you soooo much. We really need your help. Just help us get into the Top 15, that will do. Thanks!


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