Saturday, June 12, 2010

Baking, singing and shopping with the loves.

Surprise! New template, created and edited by me me me.

Baked a moist chocolate cake with Lienn. Vee Vian was the video-grapher. 
The main point of us baking is just to create the video. 
So you guys must watch the video, don't just skip it and look at the pictures ya.

Before they arrive.
I'm so happy that I can put extra large pictures with the new template. Purposely put extra width for the main wrapper. Haha.

We chose a very very basic recipe of the moist chocolate cake and in turned out not bad. Haha. So yeah, enjoy the video. 

Make sure you watch the entire video. I know it's a lil lengthy but then the best part is at the back. The BLOOPERS. Haha.

While waiting for the cake to be done, we sang Amazing Grace. Hehe. Here's the video of us singing. This is our first time. Haha. Sounds kinda funny.

After everything, went to 1u to have lunch and to shop for Father's day presie. We love our daddys!!

Awesome blog partner.

Little Taiwan.

Wonderful photographer and video-grapher for two fussy pots.

I think its called Braised Meat Rice in english.

Fried Dumplings.

We both love salty food.

It's like a thing to take photos of the lights in restaurants nowadays.

Designer chairs.

Kitschen. Don't know what do they call this kinda outfit. Looks Aladdin-ish.

Self capturing is really hard using the dslr. Hence the expression.

Forever 21.

While waiting for Vian. She was choosing ties for her dad.

Nope. I did not buy a tie for my daddy. He's too fussy just like me. So I bought another very expensive and practical thing. Hah.

And here's the video we took when we were in 1u. It's short and I know you'll crave for more. :)

We'll do more videos in future. The videos will be of singing, dancing, and other un-lame events. So stay tuned!


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