Sunday, June 6, 2010

Get Aquainted, with your skin's best friend. Clean and Clear. Screening and photography session.

I think most of you know that me and Lienn are shortlisted for the Clean and Clear Top Best Friends Model Contest. I was so excited when Lienn told me that we were shortlisted on Monday. Have been looking forward to this day, and thank God that my fever was healed in just two days.

We went to Kelana Square (managed to reach there without using a GPS, tell me how cool am I, Lienn.) for the screening and photography session, made some new friends there but we  just took a few pictures cause we were so excited about it.

The other shortlisted contestants.

'Face check'

The itenary for the winning pair of Malaysia during the trip to Singapore for the Finale. There are so many awesome activities and they make it sound like the America's Next Top Model reality show. Hope we'll be chosen to represent Malaysia. Mannnn, really wish to go for the Finale.

After the screening and photography session, they gave us this small Clean and Clear kit. Well, at least better than nothing.

So now we'll just pray that we are the winners for country level.


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