Friday, June 25, 2010

Lobster Man, SS2.

Yesterday was momma's birthday, daddy decided to have a lobster feast at Lobster Man, SS2. Yummay.

Picture taken from Google.

I decided to separate the vertical and horizontal photos so that it will be neater. :) This was taken after the scrumptious meal.

Daddy and Mummy.

Tam jia po's drawing. Yes, they provide crayons there for you to draw on the table. Not table, the thick white paper on the table. :)

While waiting for food.

Appetizer, Cheese-Mashed potatoes-Escargot.

The first lobster. This is just the middle part, it's a lot bigger than this. 

Chopped garlic lobster. Dunno the exact name of the dish because I was busy taking photos when Mummy and Daddy were ordering.

Lamb shank plus Grilled steak plus Chicken plus Mashed potato. Yummms.


Me and Nicole.

The fresh Lobsters.

Cheers! Love ya'll.


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