Monday, June 28, 2010

Missy XS and Lienn's Awesome Picnic

Hey ya, from the title, you should know by now that me and Lienn organised a picnic and invited our fellow buddies plus Kendullah. We planned this picnic right after our exams and it was GREAT. Although there was a sudden down pour but we did not give up on making the lil event successful. Took lotsa pictures, and also videos. Had a great fellowship with our ex-Chemistry tutor, Kendullah and also his sweet girlfriend, Pennie. The uber sweet couple.

There were a few disappointments - Dixon, Vian and Leong did not make it eventually, but then we managed to pull through and enjoyed our time together.

Oh wells, now let me show you the pictures first. Desa Park City is always the best place for outdoor photography. Night scenery there is just beautiful.

Me and Video-grapher for the day, Jessica.

Us again.

The BFF pictures. *Drum Rolls*

Love this the most. I mean the one above.

Managed to squeeze 3 of us in.

They stole Max Value's trolley.

It rained after that so we had to shift to the shaded-bench/hut nearby, but it was still cool. 

Mr Ken arrived,

And he brought with him,


Joanne's nuggets.

Jessica's sausages.

Shawn with his dslr, with Macro lens, I want macro lens!

The sweet sweet pair.


Smelling his fist.

The sky gets darker and darker.

Mr Ken brought his guitar too, will post up the video of him singing and playing.

Getting ready for group shots.

And that's the end of our picnic, will organise more outings and small events next time. 

Stay tuned for the videos!


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