Thursday, June 10, 2010

Perfect wife and husband, perfect target. Killers.

Went for a date with Lionel. Watched Killers. Ashton Kutcher is so hmm hmm. Nice show. But I think When in Rome is still nicer, more romance. It has only lil bit of Chuck's feel. Chuck, as in the series - Chuck. Chuck is still ALLLOOOT nicer. Heh. Waiting for season 4 to be released.

Ashton Kutcher. *Giggles*

Ate porridge for dinner.

An eew picture of me. Need a haircut. Not even one nice picture of me was taken. :(

HAH. Our tired faces. I look uglier though. But whatever. Usually photogenic people aren't pretty in real life. Since I don't look good in pictures so it means I'm pretty in real life. HAH.

Will have more posts coming up. Stay tuned. Loves.


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