Saturday, June 26, 2010

P.S. I Love You

I bet many of you out there read this book or maybe watched the movie few years ago. And for P.S. I Love You plus Charm Bracelet lovers, I have something for you. :)

What has this got to do with P.S. I Love You? Wait.
I found a heart shaped charm with a P.S carved on it. Pwetty, isn't it?

So then i bought other hearts-related charms and made one beautiful and meaningful charm bracelet, and I'm selling it.

Oh and do note that the hook/ends/buckle, whatever you call it, is not the common round ones. The end of the bracelet is also heart-shaped. :)

I'm selling it at RM 39.90. The heart-shaped P.S charm is a limited edition charm. You can hardly find this in Malaysia now. Unless you wanna buy it from other countries. But why take the hassle when I can post it to your doorstep for free?

And yes, the price includes postage. But, I made one only. So, first come first serve. Please leave a comment if you want this.

Me, Lienn and Vian made a few other Charm Bracelets, you can browse them here.

Thanks for reading.:)


ily(maybe) said...

Omg that bracelet is so pretty! I wish I could get it, I just don't have money. Its still so pretty, I can't believe u made that, that must've taken forever

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