Monday, June 21, 2010

Singapore for Great Singapore Sale, GSS.

Hey, I'm back from Singapore. This post will be a very heavy pictures post. I'm not gonna blog about Singapore in a few posts. That will be boring right? So I'll just do it once and for all.

Going to Singapore is already like an annual routine for my family. We've been going to Singapore once a year since few years back. And if it's God's will, I'll start living in Singapore by August.

So this time, the purpose of going to Singapore is mainly for the GSS. We've actually covered almost every main attractions in Singapore last few years so now it's just time for shopping. The next round would be for the Universal Studio and to settle my accomodation and uni stuff there.

The GSS is the largest sale in Singapore throughout the year, just like our Mega-sale here in Malaysia. In total I spent about 100 SGD this time, mainly on clothes. Food and transport were of course paid by Mummy.

While waiting for the coach. Ya, we went by coach and not plane because me and Leanne have air-sick. Lienn and Vian always say it's all in the mind. But I just couldn't not think of the floating feeling on the plane.

In the coach.

Bugis Junction. Not much to say about it. Bugis street has alot of cheap clothes but you can also get those kinda clothes on the internet nowadays so no point buying. But Bugis Junction itself is a shopping complex, prices are moderate.

Was so happy when I found out there was wireless connection at the hotel lobby. FYI, I did not apply for the roaming service cause it was too troublesome so I needa use the netbook and search for wireless connection everywhere I go.

A dress that I bought from Bugis Junction.

Food for the day. Did not spend much on food cause we wanted to save mummy's money to for more shopping, in case we ourselves ran out of cash. The fried rice was tasteless.

End of day one.
Shifted to another hotel near Orchard the next day. In the toilet.

Free shuttle to Orchard road.

Food court again. In fact it was food court everyday except for the last day.

Porridge and Muachi in Singapore are must-try-s. The muachi's texture is different from the ones in KL and Penang. And the porridge there is very creamy creamy.

Lienn, we really have telepathy cause we took escalator pictures in our outings. Lol.

Orchard road.


Me again.

A very excited lady on Orchard road. Must be talking about how exciting the sales was.

Outdoor escalator leading to Food Republic. The most awesome thing on Orchard. I don't think we have outdoor escalators here in Malaysia. Do we?

Orchard MRT.

You'll see many Ice cream motorcycles along Orchard road selling Wafer Ice cream and Ice cream in colourful bread.

As for me, I prefer the Ice cream in colourful bread.

THIS PLACE, this place, this place, is the place that me and Lienn were supposed to come for the Shopping Spree Challenge during the Clean and Clear finale,only if we have won in Malaysia. :( The forever 21 here is sooo big, it has three levels or is it four? , with escalators inside the outlet itself. And this shopping complex is called 313@Summerset. Liennnnnnnnnnnnnnn. :(

Singapore Marche.

Nice Italian restaurant.

These restaurants are inside the shopping mall, they make it look like it's outdoor. Like a food street. Super nice.

*Screams to Lienn.* Note the escalators.

On the 3rd floor.

Their Cotton On is also uber big. Zara has two floors.

Still in Summerset,

The Icing Room. Awesome-st thing in 313@Summerset. You get to decorate your own muffin or cake here.

The costume of the waitress reminds me of the Hello Kitty restaurant in Taiwan.

I hear Lienn's heart saying that she wanna go there. Haha. It's old english and pink.

Got scolded by the waitress when she saw me taking picture of the menu. She should thank me cause I'm gonna promote her shop. ==

Thank God I managed to snap a few pictures here before she saw me. Boo.

Hello Kitty shop.

Tea time.

Chinatown. Nothing to see at all. Just some cheap Cheongsams. Maybe because our Petaling Street is just the same. It might be cool for angmos.

Vivo city.

This is a large candy shop at the lowest ground floor at Vivo City, Habour front. It's also a must go place for us everytime we go to Singapore.

Universal Studio, Singapore. View from Vivo City.

Resort World, Sentosa.


Most of them from Orchard, some from Vivo city. Just the second day. Lazy to take picture of stuff we bought later on.

Lienn's birthday gift inside. Tsk tsk.


Missed Maggie cup alot eversince graduating from Taylor's. (As if it's like so long ago.) Haha.

Border's Orchard. Third day.

Some drum performance on Orchard road.

Back to KL on day four. Notice that I did not take much photos on day three cause it was just Orchard again. We just wanted to finish shopping in each and every shopping mall on Orchard road.

Mini marshmallows, in the coach, on the way home.

That's all about the Singapore trip. :) Nights.


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