Monday, July 12, 2010

City of History, Malacca.

Hey, I'm back. Enjoyed every second of the weekend. My church's youth group organised a two days one night retreat at El-Sanctuary Malacca.El-Sanctuary is a small resort surrounded with trees owned by an ang mo Christian couple, with friendly Golden Retrievers and a Dalmation running around. We were welcomed with lotsa mosquitoes once we arrived. The chalets, dorms and food were awesome. It's not like any other nature campsites.

We, the committee went there earlier to prepare everything for the rest.

Campfire. Picture taken with my camera by Zhong Ren.

Camwhored with the campfire.

Murdering the cancer patient.

Thanks to Zhong Ren again.

The Scavanger Hunt.

Us in the chalet. The chalet has a very english cottage feel. Self-timer-ed.

Campus Action Ministry. The family. :)

The retreat was only two days one night so we extended the trip and stayed at Mahkota Hotel, joining the "Aaron's Fanstasy". Lol. Only with the closer friends.
Us at Jonker's 88. Famous Nyonya food in Malacca town.

The BRIGHT couple. Aaron and Joyee.

Wee Liam and Lilian. 

The couples.

And the Singles. Lol. Sirn Loong, Zhong Ren and Jireh.

The guys went all the way to Malacca to shop for tshirts.

First time eating Satay Celup. Heard so much about it.

Me and Jojo.

Will be posting up other pictures on facebook. Really enjoyed the entire trip. Thanks Aaron for the wonderful trip. It will never be forgotten. Hope there's more to come.


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