Friday, July 30, 2010

Despicable Me, Look Out Point.

Finally get to go out with Lionel after waiting for him to finish up his assignment. Went to watch Despicable Me. I know we're sooooo late.

The movie was nice, yellow thingie which I dunno what is it called even after watching the whole show is so cute. The youngest lil girl, Agnes is also very cute. Will always remember her line : "Is this considered annoying? *Pop pop sound due to mild slapping on the cheeks*" So cuteee. Hehe.

After the movie, walked around, passed by Monsoon Id for dunno how many times because Lionel was so undecided whether to cut his hair there or not.

Bought two cute rabbits of the Sylvanian Family. Will tell ya'll about the short story behind buying the rabbits in the next post.

Went to Look Out Point after that, second time going there.

The view from where we were sitting in the restaurant, stupid tree blocking.

Handsome. Hehe.

Candid by Lionel. Look at my mouth. I must be saying "EEW".

Went down to a better place to take the breathtaking KL view. Nothing compared to what was seen using my own eyes.

Closer view.

Another one taken by Lionel.

The next time we go, we must bring along a photographer.

And me. Toodles!


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