Monday, July 26, 2010

Ikano and Ikea with Mummy and Leanne

Nothing special about this post, just another day out with Mummy and Leanne. We got nothing to do at home, suddenly felt like eating meatballs and Japanese crepes so Ikano and Ikea that is.

While waiting for the Yummay meatballs.

Did not go to the showrooms this time, just went straight down to the market place.

Shimino Japanese Crepe. Nice. Very different from other crepes I've eaten so far, it's soft and it smells like  Play-Doh, I like. Hahaha.

Ordered the Chocolate Ice-cream with Banana. Yumms.

Love this huge fluffy heart attached to the side of the kiosk.

T-shirt of the workers also nice.

That's all for now. Bye!! Will be going to Monash to enquire about some stuff tomorrow. Can't wait.


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