Sunday, July 18, 2010

Missy XS's Awesome Stuff #1 ,Cyber Clean

orry for not updating, it's not that I dont wanna update but it's because the things I do everyday is the same. Waiting for Lienn's birthday bash part two only.

I've decided to write about the awesome stuff I've got from now on. Not that frequently but maybe when I've got nothing better to write about. Hehe.

So here's the first one, Hello Kitty Cyber Clean. It's a high-tech cleaning compound for gadgets like handphones, laptops and computers. It really works, you don't have to buy a small vacuum cleaner specially for your laptop keypad. The thing that makes it super dee duperly awesome is that it has the sweet sweet strawberry scent. And, it's PINK in colour. Haha. Special edition.


Pinky pinky pinky.



And me. Look at my eyebags man. It looks like I have not slept for days.

Ok, so that's all for today. Putting in effort to keep my blog alive. Cousie's leaving to Aussie on Tuesday, my turn soon, to Singapore.

Stay tuned!


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