Monday, July 5, 2010

Of World Cup Fevers.

Everyone has been talking about the Fifa World Cup recently, although it's already nearing the finals now but at least I still have the chance to talk about it here. Have been watching some important/good matches of the World Cup. I'm not those type who will watch every single match. Only matches with awesome teams and also hot players. Haha.

I guess it's time to reveal my favourite football players, team and also country.

The top football player in my list.

Cesc Fàbregas


So obviously, my favourite team would be

Arsenal. Haha. This is my Mr Tall Dark Handsome. :)

And I was yeah, influenced by him. I wasn't really into any football team at first. Then I became an Arsenal fan by DEFAULT. But it's ok cause I met Fabregas. HAAH. This picture was taken at Damai Laut last year. Eew me.

Ok, back to World Cup. Fabregas plays for Spain so yes, I support Spain. And also Brazil . Because of  'you know who'.

The oh-so-famous Kaká. He's not hot but he's cute. Looks a weeee bit like Chuck. Mum's favourite.

Lastly, I just discovered another awesome player. And he'll be third in my list.

David Villa!!!! I know lotsa girls like him. Haha. He should be an actor la. Oh for those who don't know, he plays for Spain also.

On the field. Macho.

Done for today. sdoot!


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