Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Princess Lienn's birthday, Day 1.

It's the big princess's birthday! Yay!! I'm so happy for her. It's 00.00 now, so I wish my babe a Happy Happy Birthday!!

We went to the curve today for an early celebration for Lienn's birthday and it will be continued most probably in Berjaya Times Square Hotel. Wooots, can't wait!

The birthday girl.

Had the birthday lunch at The Apartment, since the princess have not been there before.

Created a special frame for the photos for the Special Princess in Pink.

My chicken fillet with Avocado and Mashed Potato. Tasteless. Me and Lienn added so much salt. We're both salty people. Haha.

Joanne's steak and chips. I think this is the Yummiest.

Jessica's super healthy Salmon roll. She's one healthy girl.

Candles, me likey.

Self-timer-ed group shot at the Apartment.

The babes. Lovely sunlight.

Me and the birthday girl.

Jessica's famous pose. -Peace sign-

Sex and the city Part 1. Joanne as Samantha.

Sex and the City Part 2, Jessica as Samantha.

Reflection of the Pretties.

Birthday Princess again.

Went to Ikea to take wonderful pictures. Ikea is always the best place to take indoor photos. Hehe.

Felt just like home.

Another self-timer-ed group shot at Ikea.

Sweet pink wallpaper for the sweet US.

That's all for the day. Other pictures will be uploaded in Facebook soon.

Once again, I wish Lienn a very HAPPY PRINCESS BIRTHDAY. LOVEYS.


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