Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara

Went to Sunway Giza to check out the place. It is really a cool place for you to hang out, eat and relax with your friends. Many interesting restaurants there, including bistros and lounges.

There were a few restaurants that caught my attention. Managed to snap a few pictures of the restaurants before the girl in charge stopped me. I get scolded for taking pictures all the time. Pfft. Those who follow my blog would know.

The famous MOVIDA. Read many reviews about MOVIDA made by all those famous bloggers.

New place for Shabu shabu.

Pastry shop.

Another full house branch. :) Hearts hearts.

An awesome place to watch football matches, alot alot alot alot better than watching at Mamak stalls.

Moe de Cafe. A nice restaurant surrounded by trees with colourful lightings. Plus waitresses in French maid costumes and shelves of Manga Comics.

Inside the mall, bad hair day.

My favourite earl grey tea in a small cute pot. Heh.

Village grocer @ Sunway Giza .For high class PJ aunties to shop for groceries.

Looking forward to go hang out with my babes and my darling at Giza soon. Tooda-toodles!

P/S : Lienn, remember the promise you made.


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