Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wedding dress.

Life has been pretty mundane, got nothing better to do at home. So I decided to record myself playing the piano, wanna dedicate this to two of my best buddies, who are also Tae Yang's admirers. Lol. Lienn and Jessica.

Forgive me for a few mistakes and also 3 or 4 pauses in the middle of the recording. That was because I was flipping the page. Haha. It sounds funny to me. But whatever. Just wanna spice up my blog.

Here you go. This is just an audio recording. Not a video. By the way, I created my own ending for the song. Haha. Hope you girls like it, Lienn and Jess. Both of you can listen to this if you miss me when I'm in Singapore next time. Hehe.

It's Spain vs Germany tonight!

Supporting my Spain, all the way!

The '' watermark is there because I used my webcam to take these pictures. I lost my old webcam software due to reformatting so I needa use this free software. :S


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