Monday, August 16, 2010

Asia Pacific Dance Explosion 2010!!!

Asia Pacific Dance Explosion 2010, tiring but fun. Although I wasnt one of the contestants but I enjoyed taking photos and videos of other awesome dancers. And as usual, the people there were just so crazy and hyper.

However, I was abit disappointed about the results for almost every category yesterday. Hmm, I really dont know what the judges were looking for in those dancers. Few of the good dancers did not get what they deserved, which should be a better placing than what they've gotten.

Ok, let's start the picture session.

ADPX 2010, Shangri-la Hotel.

In the changing room.

Contestants trying out the dance floor.

Getting ready to hit the dance floor.



The competition starts off with the Newcomers, Primary category.

Newcomers, Primary. THE KIDS.

The cutest among all, Matthew. He lost so much weight this round. 

The judges.

More pictures of the boy.

Hip hop category, both teams from JAPAN. Splash and Strawberry Princess.

Nicole on the dance floor. Newcomers, Junior Teen.

Korean lady's solo performance.

One of my favourite awesome dancer, Esther Loong.

Countries Parade.

Malaysia!! Waka waka eh ehhh~ lol

Before dinner. Looked so tired already.

With Becky who's wearing super short skirt. Whee whit.

The girls.

Lovely white roses.

The typical first dish, four season. I think the dinner doesnt worth the RM170 that we paid for, per person. Didnt have the mood to take photos of the other dishes.

Now it's time for a few caption-less pictures again. Hehe.

And I shall end the post with this.

One of the belly dancer.

Many many more photos on facebook.


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