Monday, August 30, 2010

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. @ The Curve

Went to bubba gump shrimp co. located at The Curve yesterday for Leanne's birthday dinner and this is my first visit there. We thought the price will be quite expensive since they serve fresh and tasty seafood.

However, surprisingly the price was quite reasonable compared to other western seafood restaurant.



I think everyone knows what is this by now. It's so popular in the food blogs that did reviews on Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Put this when you do not want the waiters/waitresses to come bother you.


And this when you need the crew to come to your table. Cool right. I know.


The metal bucket.


The crew served us very well.

The taste of the food was even better than what we expected, service was good, so the price was worth every nickel.


Cajun chicken with Mashed potatoes. Yumms.


This is the seafood version of the Cajun Chicken, I don't know what is this called. I just know it tasted very good. The fish and shrimps were very fresh.


Best salad that I've ever eaten. Not only because it has fresh strawberries in it but because the sauce/salad dressing was strawberry sauce. Uber nice.


Shrimp pasta. Taste is moderate, maybe because I don't like the garlic taste in it.


Mushroom soup, it tastes kinda nice but then there was this nasty smell in the soup. I think they added some shrimp paste or something in it.

See the background? Lienn's favourite. Bubba Gump has got this special room which looks very english-y, lovely like that. Can accomodate about 15 people I guess. We were so lucky to be seated in this lovely room.

Their shrimps are 100% fresh, and the best thing is they removed the shells for lazy people like us. Heh. I wanna have their shrimp recipe so that I can eat such finger lickin' shrimps whenever I want to.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. is really good for parties or any small dinners with a bunch of close friends. I would definitely go back with whoever who wants to come with me. Hehe. Lienn, Vian, Jess and Joanne? :)


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