Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cute wabbits, Sylvanian Family

Like I said in my last post, me and Lionel bought one cute Sylvanian Family rabbit each. Actually we've planned to have a collection of the Sylvanian Family since we got together last time, as in when I was still in high school.

We actually decided to buy one pair each year until we get married and then get a doll house to put them inside. Haha. And now only we start buying, our very first pair.

For those who do not know what is the Sylvanian Family, please visit this website.They have different types of animals, me and Lionel will collect one by one. YAY!

Ours now is the Chocolate Rabbit Family. I feel the sheep is the cuuuutesst!



And I tell you, the cutest thing is the little furnitures for the dolls. Tiny weeny and yet so defined.

You could get these cuties in I think any Jusco toys deparment. Got mine from Jusco in 1utama.

Signing off cutely,


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