Sunday, August 22, 2010


Hey peeps, guess what? This blog, my blog, was featured in yesterday. I did not log into for quite some time so I didnt know for how long I was featured/picked by the editor. I came to know about this yesterday, thanks to Mahibul all the way from Bangladesh who is also a member of

I'm feeling very happy right now cause this is my first achievement in the blogosphere. Plus, I did not need to apply or do anything to get featured, the editor just picked me.

Thanks to the editor of, all my readers (loyal-everyday readers or passerbys) and also Lienn, who was the one who encouraged me to start up this blog beginning this year.

A big thank you to all, although it's not like I've been featured in mags or newspapers but I believe it's a great start. Praise God for that.


Aries said...

Getting popular eh! Keep up the good work.

JesslynnC said...

Haha. Thanks!

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