Friday, August 27, 2010

Leanne's Sweet Sixteeeeen

I know it's kinda late to post a birthday post up here for Leanne right now but at least I still have the heart. Hehe. Helped Zhie Lynn with the surprise birthday party that she planned with the other friends by acting in front of Leanne all week long. All of them are so sweet. Congrats for the 90% successful plan. Haha. All of you did a great job yesterday.

Decorating the house.

Balloons yay!

Her friends writing love messages for Leanne. AWWWW.

Too bad Wai Kee and the boys came back from Vian's house just at the point when Leanne came back. That's why the plan was just 90% successful. She was still very surprised though.

At least she was soooo happy with her presie.

Plus her Cheo Well turned up for the partay although he and her friends were not to say VERRRRRYYY close.

And finally, it was food time.

From satays,

to finger lickin' good KFC.

The traditional cake cutting/candles blowing session. 
Group photos :

The girls.

And the guys.

Lastly, just wanna wish ma sis a very
Sweet Sixteenth!

p/s : Let baby make friends with AURORA. hahahahahhahahaha. boo yeah.


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