Thursday, August 12, 2010

Multiple exposure.

Finally got my results. It turned out to be what I wanted, praise God.

On another note, I did a multiple exposure photo of myself. Tsk tsk. My first time doing it, might have a bit of flaws here and there.


GanZR said...

This isn't Multi-Exposure.
It's a digital photo manipulation technique.
Called DUPLICITY. ;)
1st 2 photos:

JesslynnC said...

oih, i tot u dun read my blog one. I so paiseh now. heh. Okok. Thanks for correcting. Continue doing that please. On every photo I take. Must leave comment. On any improvements I can make. :)

Aries said...

Nice even for a first timer, u should wear different clothes for each shot, would even better I think.

JesslynnC said...

Haha. Ya, I wanted to. But den lazyy. Hehe. Wanna try out 1st. Thanks!

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