Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The traditional Tang Yuen

It's been so long since I've rolled the glutinous rice flour into little roundy balls. I think the last time I made tong yuen was when I was still in primary school. I loved rolling rolling rolling and moulding the flour into a small ball-y. Hehe. Ever since the existence of The Soya Shop, I think I've never wanted to eat the traditional plain ones anymore. Until recently I just suddenly craved for the very original and plain pink and white tong yuens.

So me and Leanne started to mix, knit and roll the dough into doink-doink balls.

Pinky dough.

Pink ball-ys.

Pink and white ball-ys.

But soon after I ate the first bowl of the tong yuen, I felt that I wouldn't wanna eat tong yuen for the next two years. So plain, cannot tahan. I still prefer The Soya Shop's chocolate filling tong yuen. Heh.

On another note, it's Vian darling's birthday today. So, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ah VIAN. Hehe. I dont have any owl post for you cause obviously I'm a muggle (if i'm not wrong). So I'll just wish you through a BLOG POST instead. K la, lame. If you're seeing this right now in China, enjoy your day and eat more Chinese food cause you'll totally miss Chinese food when you're in Spicy India.


That's all for today. :) ToODels!


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