Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Genting Highlands, 2010

Sorry for the hiatus, people. I'm back.

Thanks to Uncle Mun Kong and his family, your Missy XS here finally get to visit the city of entertainment once again, after don't know how many years. I know for many people, Genting Highlands is like their second home, eg: Lienn. They go there at least like once in every 3 months?

Lotsa sweet memories there, which I will bring along with me until the day I die. I'm so emo now, knowing that one of my junior passed away at such a young age. 16? I'm not sure whether she even passed her 16th birthday.Ok, back to the topic.

I'm just gonna post the pictures here and let them do the talking.


Stayed at Genting Hotel.


I'm so satisfied with the room. My first time staying in this hotel.


Dinner at Genting Palace Restaurant.



Yes, I love to take pictures of food. Hehe.



Tell me how to live without Chinese food when I get there, Leong.


Watched Dazzle at The Pavillion.


Wanna watch real fireworks.


At the arcade.


The next morning, breakfast before themepark.


Mushroom quiche with cheese. Must learn how to make this one day.


My favourite picture taken for the weekend. But I dunno why it looks abit washed out here. :S Check it out on my facebook.


I look like a kiddo I know.


I love the big blue sky.


Kaykay, that's all for now. Will be back soooon. :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

MISSY XS will return soon. Stay tuned. :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

We only part to meet again.

I think by now, most of the people who know Vee Vian will know that she'll be leaving us soon to take her first step on the journey of being a doctor.

She's one of my close friend, we've known each other since standard 3, can't believe that time flies so fast and now she has to go to the country of curry. *tears*

To me, it is a big challenge to go over to a country where you've never been to before, plus the totally different culture, people and a whole new environment that you have to live with. I'm proud that she made this big decision to come out from her comfort zone to pursue her dream of being a heart surgeon.

I wonder how it feels when it's my turn to leave Malaysia, leave the good food, leave my friends, family and my tall dark handsome. :'(

Here are some pictures taken yesterday night when we went for the farewell dinner. Too bad Shawn, Kentarou and JH couldn't make it.


Moe De Cafe, Sunway Giza Mall.

Oh ya, I needa comment abit on this restaurant. It took yearssss for the food to come, my fish and chips came 2hours after I've placed my order. Pfft. 

Another thing is, there's no separated smoking/non-smoking area. For people like me, super dislike. Last but not least, waitress dunno how to take photos. You'll see later.


Wheee, the five of us.


Jessica : Jesslynn, you have a cool phone! *Waves phone excitingly*


The super cool stirrer. Check out the love birds in the background. :)


Kissin' her goodbye.

Ok, get ready for the awful group shots.


Not really ready yet. ==


Joanne: Dixon, Let's close our eyes together.
Dixon: Ok, one two three. *Shuts eyes*


The only shot that was OKAY, but my face so big. Spoil the whole picture. Pfft.

Anyway, we had a great fellowship together. We love you loads, Vian. And we shall meet again one day, definitely not in the hospital.


No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth.  -Robert Southey

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia 2

The common key attractions in Cameron Highlands are the strawberry farms, vegetable farms, tea plantations and the nurseries. And yes, I went to all those places AGAIN. pfft.

We went to a place where there was a combination of the nursery, strawberry farm and vegetable farm so it saved us some time.


In the nursery, pretty flowers that can only grow well in cool climate.


I found out on that day itself that my favourite flower is this. Lovin' those pastel coloured daisies.


Strawberry ice cream always tastes nicer up there.

I prefer Raju Hill's strawberry ice cream. Must try. Located just next to Equatorial Hotel.

Boh Tea Plantation, Sungai Palas.


I look so tired. Think I'm forcing a smile. Because it was my 276485050th time there.


The very crowded tea house/cafeteria up there.


Scones that you can easily get in KL. Bala's Scones House is still the best.


After visiting the tea plantation, we did something different, which is going up to the highest peak of Cameron Highlands - Gunung Brinchang, not just by car but standing in the back of a truck.

The experience was super awesome and I think it will be unforgettable. Twas dangerous and exciting.


Getting ready for the ride. Rented two trucks for RM70 each, which includes a driver.


And so up up and away we went to the peak of Gunung Brinchang. It was super cold up there.


See the mist? Strong cold wind + mist = freezer.


Of course must camwhore up there.


The driver brought us down to a vegetable farm where you can harvest/pluck/pull the vegetables there yourself.

Me and nicole.

Erm, I think I should just end the post for Cameron Highlands here cause we did not do much on the last day. Not many pictures were taken also.

Oh before that, just wanna share a place where you can eat awesome tau-fu-fa in Ipoh. Went there on the way back to KL.

The shop is located at the back row of the famous Lou Wong Tauge Chicken Rice Shop. So sowie, I forgotten the name of the taufufa shop. Heh.

Ok, that's all for now. Toodles!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Visited Cameron Highlands once again. This time, we stayed in the six rooms Dutch-style Maybank bungalow. Not as impressive as the one we went last year with Lionel.


The double storey bungalow.


One part of the huge field in front of the house, the place where I miss the most now.

Took many many pictures there as it was my only entertainment on the highland region located 214km north Kuala Lumpur. So I'll do one post for each day at Cameron Highlands.

We did not do much on the first day, just played volleyball and take pictures outside the house. The boys played football, the kids were totally enjoying themselves.



Volleyball-ing. Cameron Highlands is the best place for outdoor sports for people like me. I don't mind playing outside for the whole day. This is the place where you will really enjoy the sunlight, not like in KL, where you want to go into an air-conditioned room whenever you can.


Although the wind was strong up there, you'll still enjoy playing badminton just for the fun of it.


And of course, I enjoy taking lots and lotsa pictures under the beautiful natural light without feeling sweaty, sticky and all.


Love the big blue sky. :)


I know my face is like dont know what. *covers face* But anyway, this picture is just for your entertainment. Laugh all you want.


The huge field was also an awesome place to do things you can't do at home. Miss cheerleading.

We went for a walk at the market located at Kea Farm.





A stall selling honey/chocolate coated strawberries. Not like any other chocolate fondue strawberries in KL. The chocolate coat hardens. Our favourite.


Remember this, bii? Heh.

We had steamboat for dinner, and played monopoly deal before sleeping.



Stay tuned for Day 2. :)

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