Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia 2

The common key attractions in Cameron Highlands are the strawberry farms, vegetable farms, tea plantations and the nurseries. And yes, I went to all those places AGAIN. pfft.

We went to a place where there was a combination of the nursery, strawberry farm and vegetable farm so it saved us some time.


In the nursery, pretty flowers that can only grow well in cool climate.


I found out on that day itself that my favourite flower is this. Lovin' those pastel coloured daisies.


Strawberry ice cream always tastes nicer up there.

I prefer Raju Hill's strawberry ice cream. Must try. Located just next to Equatorial Hotel.

Boh Tea Plantation, Sungai Palas.


I look so tired. Think I'm forcing a smile. Because it was my 276485050th time there.


The very crowded tea house/cafeteria up there.


Scones that you can easily get in KL. Bala's Scones House is still the best.


After visiting the tea plantation, we did something different, which is going up to the highest peak of Cameron Highlands - Gunung Brinchang, not just by car but standing in the back of a truck.

The experience was super awesome and I think it will be unforgettable. Twas dangerous and exciting.


Getting ready for the ride. Rented two trucks for RM70 each, which includes a driver.


And so up up and away we went to the peak of Gunung Brinchang. It was super cold up there.


See the mist? Strong cold wind + mist = freezer.


Of course must camwhore up there.


The driver brought us down to a vegetable farm where you can harvest/pluck/pull the vegetables there yourself.

Me and nicole.

Erm, I think I should just end the post for Cameron Highlands here cause we did not do much on the last day. Not many pictures were taken also.

Oh before that, just wanna share a place where you can eat awesome tau-fu-fa in Ipoh. Went there on the way back to KL.

The shop is located at the back row of the famous Lou Wong Tauge Chicken Rice Shop. So sowie, I forgotten the name of the taufufa shop. Heh.

Ok, that's all for now. Toodles!


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