Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Visited Cameron Highlands once again. This time, we stayed in the six rooms Dutch-style Maybank bungalow. Not as impressive as the one we went last year with Lionel.


The double storey bungalow.


One part of the huge field in front of the house, the place where I miss the most now.

Took many many pictures there as it was my only entertainment on the highland region located 214km north Kuala Lumpur. So I'll do one post for each day at Cameron Highlands.

We did not do much on the first day, just played volleyball and take pictures outside the house. The boys played football, the kids were totally enjoying themselves.



Volleyball-ing. Cameron Highlands is the best place for outdoor sports for people like me. I don't mind playing outside for the whole day. This is the place where you will really enjoy the sunlight, not like in KL, where you want to go into an air-conditioned room whenever you can.


Although the wind was strong up there, you'll still enjoy playing badminton just for the fun of it.


And of course, I enjoy taking lots and lotsa pictures under the beautiful natural light without feeling sweaty, sticky and all.


Love the big blue sky. :)


I know my face is like dont know what. *covers face* But anyway, this picture is just for your entertainment. Laugh all you want.


The huge field was also an awesome place to do things you can't do at home. Miss cheerleading.

We went for a walk at the market located at Kea Farm.





A stall selling honey/chocolate coated strawberries. Not like any other chocolate fondue strawberries in KL. The chocolate coat hardens. Our favourite.


Remember this, bii? Heh.

We had steamboat for dinner, and played monopoly deal before sleeping.



Stay tuned for Day 2. :)


Celeste xiao fang said...

Aww, I miss Cameron Highland too, the weather is so cool at night, Hehe!

Ralph said...

Hello there =)
Me and my family just came back yesterday from the same Dutch Bungalow that you guys stayed in. I just came upon your blog cause i'm doing a little research on it due to some events that happened..
This is gonna sound little weird.... Just out of curiosity, did you guys.. erm.. experienced anything 'strange' in there? (email)VacantBench@Gmail.com

Ralph Lam

kenji2046 said...

hi, can i know this bungalow is it can be rent by public??

Nice said...

Hi blogger, May I know is that this Bungalow is open to Public?

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