Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lienn and Missy XS, once again.

Heyyyyy loves, I'm back again. And this time together with my darling Lienn. It has been sooo long since we hang out together, take random photos together and do silly stuff together.

So today, we came together to make a video for our dear friend, Vee Vian who's in India right now. We miss her looooadddsss.

And of course when both of us get together, we will not miss the chance of taking photos. Teehee. Will upload the video tomorrow. So just enjoy the photos for now. :)

The return of our sampatness.

I know you miss us. 

Ending with our awesomest pose. *wink*


Celeste said...

Both if you are just so pretty =)

JesslynnC said...

Thanks sweetie!

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