Monday, November 15, 2010

Becky's Virgin Dance Party

As you can read from the title itself, this is the first time ever Becky aka Rebecca Lee Yen Yen had her own dance party. The party was held in conjunction with her birthday and it was DOPE. (I think I used the word correctly huh Lien Siaw?)

Soul Krazy did three performances which were uber awesome, they really 'heated up the floor'. Famous crew did their bboy stuff and made the crowd go wild. Not to mention the three guys, I think it's OldSchool Brothaz, who performed with awesome attitude. Me love. :) Plus, they were sitting and eating with us at the same table, how cool is that? Hah.

And on the linedance's side, me and the girls performed, I think it was ok la overall. Everybody went 'awwww' when the yellow birdie Jolene performed her solo number.

Becky's hiphop students performed their hiphop routine as well, videos will all be uploaded on Facebook.

Us girls are Becky's stars. ahahhaha. Love this headpiece.

Me and Nicole. And oh, the theme for the partay was Street, hence the outfit. Not really street-ish because I seldom dress in hiphop style unless asked to.

Was trying to be hiphop-ish the whole time in the party but obviously failed.

She's also trying to act street with the peace out yo sign.

Check out our starsss yay.

Joanne, Jesslynn, Jolene.

The pretty ladies. HEhehe.

Me and Zhie Lynn.

Tell me who's awesomer than the five of these sexy, hot ladies. Give it up for SOUL KRAZYYYY.

The three guys with attitude that I mentioned just now. Check out the Cheo Well look alike.

More photos on Facebook.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Picture perfect everytime with Clean and Clear

Our hearts skipped a beat when Peggy, representative of Clean and Clear invited us for the launch of Clean and Clear's latest products. We weren't only invited as guests for the event, but we got to interview the scientist/researcher of Clean and Clear on stage. Kesh has got this nice British accent which managed to make me smile throughout the interview session although it was freeezzing cold in there. Haha. "shor shor!!" (sure sure). Get what I mean people?

The Clean and Clear crew were lovely people, they took really good care of us. :) And like the last time, there were make up artists and photographers. After getting our make up and hair done, it was time for us to be drama queens. lol. The hairstylist did curls for me, which I don't really like. I'm really really not used to it la, it makes me look farnneyy.

We took quite alot of photos, both by the media and also our own camwhoring session. Teehee. K la, so now enjoy the pictures.


The newly launched products.


The C&C girls.


CHARM performers. Didnt get to take photos of them performing. :/



Peggy, who's so soft and took great care of both us.


Irene. :)


Lol a very very different Leonard compared to the Leonard I know.



After everything, we decided to have a lil afternoon tea at Winter Warmers. I can imagine the both of us having hi-tea together after having our own happy families, it would be so cool. Nevermind, I think only the both of us can imagine how it feels like.


Winter warmers, actually we went there just to enjoy the environment. Heh.



Trying to finish up my camera's battery. I will miss you when I'm in Aussie, Lienn. :( Who's gonna camwhore with meee. :( The following pictures will be all our sor po caption-less pictures. Hee.


She always have to bend down to take picture with me. Hahah, farney.





Alright that's all about this awesome day, do check out the latest products for Clean and Clear skin! Confidence starts with Clean and Clear. Woots. Hehehe. More pictures uploaded on Facebook. - Meet Millions of Bloggers