Monday, December 27, 2010

Continued from previous post

Woops, sorry. I forgot to put in Sun Moon Lake for the 3rd day in Taiwan. Nothing much actually, it's just a huge beautiful lake and also romantic sunset moments there at Sun Moon Lake.

Here we are at Sun Moon Lake.

The street right outside our hotel.

Beautiful sky, beautiful sunset, beautiful lake.

Leanne and I.

Us and the cottage by the lake.

Sun Moon Lake's bao.

Advertising for Dr. Milker. Heh. Just love the bottle.Can get it at any 7eleven in Taiwan.

During the night.

Back to the hotel room, Einhan Hotel.

Our lovely room.

Kay now the sampat pictures. But before that, if you ever go to Sun Moon Lake. Don't ever try their set menu (sei choi yat tong) in their restaurants. The food is eew and expensive.

See the dishes up here? Super small salty prawns, wild boar meat, deep fried small fish, vege, tasteless soup and rice for NT800.

More photos on facebook. Heeee.
Toodles! :)


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