Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 6, Taipei Flora Expo.

Nice, colourful landscapes. But kinda boring after awhile. Heh. The most interesting part of the Flora Expo is the different landscapes featuring different countries. Well for this post, let the pictures do the talking.

Beautiful right? Originally a soccer stadium.

Award winning floral decorations/set ups, inside the stadium.

Golden wabbits.

And that's it for the Taipei International Flora Exposition.

Went to have dinner at WuFenPu after the expo. This is the awesomest dinner for the entire trip.

Tofutofu DOINKS.

Whoever who knows me well will know that eggs are my favourite.

The name of the shop, Formosa Chang. Yellow signboard. Best 'luroufan' in Taiwan I guess.

After eating, off we went for shopping at the WuFenPu fashion shopping district. Clothes there are sold at very reasonable price but then quality not that good so we did not buy much tho.

ANDDDDD that's the end of my day 6 in Taiwan. Next post, Wulai Hot Springs.


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