Friday, December 24, 2010

Taiwan Day 1 to 3

Hey, I'm back and I'm gonna talk about Taiwan in the next few posts. Overall, Taiwan was goood, shopping wise but the food there is blehh. But there's an exception for the snacks there. Still, food in Malaysia is the best.

First stop after checking into the hotel, XiMenDing. This is the so called Taiwan's Harajuku.

At XiMenDing, you'll be able to see lotsa small food kiosks like that by the roadside.

Quail eggs, fried/grilled. I think this is the best among the all other snacks in Taiwan.

Ah Chung's flour rice noodles, also at XiMenDing. They said this is a must try in Taiwan but to me there's nothing really fantastic about it.

Saje la wanna show the (Y) sign. lol.

Pearl milk tea there is GOOD. Especially the warm one.

Yumyum pearls. *blupblup*

THIS IS NOT NICE AT ALL. Don't be fooled by it's appearance. It's actually a different style of hotdog, as in bread with sausage. Not nice not nice.

Day 2, Yehliu Geopark. To know more about Yehliu, click here. Entrance fee for adults is NT 50.

Beautiful flowers along the pathway to view the rocks at Yehliu.


The mushroom group. Mushwoom mushwoom.

One of the mushwooms.

Some random-shaped rock. Oh btw, these rocks are formed due to sea erosion and weathering after many many years.

Beautiful sea view there. But the awesomest is in Hong Kong. Will talk about it later.

Another group of rocks that looked like doggie's poop.

Erm I dont know who this guy is, just simply take. Heh.

The most famous rock formation in Yehliu, the Queen's head. Needa queue up to take picture somemore.

And at the North coast also, there is this old street called JiuFen. This is like a look out point in Taiwan.

JiuFen old street, selling all sorts of food stuff. You can find many stalls selling almond milk/tea here all along the street.

One of the best dessert snack, I think only available at JiuFen. Ice cream and shaved peanuts wrapped in popiah skin.

See those two scoops of ice cweam?

Another nice one, dorayaki with ice cream.

Yummy? :)

The famous taro balls.

NT40 for one bowl.

Simple and nice, red beans with different flavours of taroballs. The sesame one is the nicest.

Next up, grilled mushroom. This is super duper yummay.

NT100 for this 'large' sized cup. They sell it in a smaller cup but I forgot the price.

This is called the jade snails. Edible edible.

Forgot the price again.

Spotted this farney lady selling wild boar sausages.

A nice place to view the scenery while enjoying tea at JiuFen.

Flower tea.

And ma favourite Earl Grey Tea.

Inside the tea house.

From the place we sat. They told us it will be nicer during the night.

I think that's about it for the first three days, stay tuned for the remaining posts. :) Quite busy preparing to go to Aussie so sorry for the delay.

Lotsa love,


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